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Leather Fixed Blade Knife Sheaths

Sheaths SH1162 Brown Leather 6" Fixed Blade Knife Belt Sheath


SH1158 Leather Knife Sheath Brown Fits Up To 6" Fixed Blade


Ka-Bar 1217CP USMC Tactical Survival Fighting Fixed Blade Knife + Sheath


6" Bone Fixed Blade Skinning Hunting Dagger Knife w/ Leather Sheath


Ka-Bar 1232 Plain Hunter Fixed Blade Hunting Knife Leather Handle Leather Sheath


M-Tech 444 Fixed Blade Knife Small Hunter Stainless + Sheath


Rough Rider RR1636 Brown Leather Short Skinner Fixed Blade Hunter Knife + Sheath


New Leather Belt Knife Sheath that fits 5" Fixed Blade Knives


Karambit Claw Knives Survival Hunting Knife Fixed Blade Stainless Steel + Sheat


China German Fighter Bayonet 211132 Fixed Blade Knife Belt Sheath


Ka-Bar 1226 Little Finn Leather Handle Hunting Fixed Blade Knife + Sheath


Hunting Knife | Fixed-Blade Brown Bone Handle Skinner + Leather Sheath


Szco 203388 Black Pakkawood Fixed Blade Knife Skinner & Leather Sheath


FIXED-BLADE HUNTING KNIFE Rite Edge 9" Brown Wood Skinner Blade + Leather Sheath


Buck 120 Fixed Blade Knife Leather Sheath USA Mint Knives


Ka-Bar 1278 Fixed Blade Knife Warthog Black Plain Zytel Leather/Cordura Sheath




7" Bone Fixed Blade Survival Hunting Gut Hook Skinner Knife w/ Leather Sheath


7" Hunting Bone Stainless Steel Skinning Knife Leather Sheath Survival Skinner


NEW! Elk Ridge 12" Leather Handle Fixed Blade Hunting Knife w/ Leather Sheath


Buck Kalinga Micarta Handle Fixed Blade Knife Leather Sheath USA Knives


Ka-bar 1236 Leather Handle Straight Fixed Blade Bowie Hunting Knife + Sheath


FIXED BLADE HUNTING KNIFE 5.75" Mini Native American Style Patch Leather Sheath


Marbles MR302 Mirror Fixed Blade Knife Straight Back &Leather Sheath


Case Cutlery 379 M3 Leather Fixed Blade Hunter Knife + Sheath


Marbles MR423 Woodcraft Fixed Blade Knife Satin Stacked Leather Handle + Sheath


Marbles MR821/ 1107 Stacked Leather Fixed Blade Knife Satin Guthook + Sheath


Frost F19800 Satin Bowie Fixed Blade Knife Clip Point + Sheath


Marbles MR248 Knives Fixed Blade Knife Leather Handle Knives Hunter + Sheath


Ka-Bar 1251 Leather Short USA Fighting Fixed Blade Knife + Sheath


Ka-Bar 2217 Leather Big Brother Serrated Top Fixed Blade Knife + Sheath


Smith & Wesson SWHRT9B - 9" Stainless Steel Fixed Blade Knife Leather Sheath *D*


Rough Rider RR1638 Brown Leather Guthook Hunting Fixed Blade Knife + Sheath


Ka-Bar 9140 Leather Commemorative Vietnam USMC Fixed Blade Knife + Sheath


Marbles MR246 Knives Fixed Blade Knife Jet Pilot Bowie Black + Sheath


Ka-Bar USMC Straight Edge Fighting Leather Fixed Blade + Sheath


MTech MT-122 USMC Marine Military Hunting Fixed Blade Knife + Sheath


Frost Cutlery FC-01 Hunting Camping Fixed Blade Knife + Sheath


Ka-Bar 2225 Tactical Mark 1 Leather Handle Fixed Blade Knife + Sheath


Damascus 1125 Stacked Hunter Fixed Blade Knife Leather Handles + Sheath


Case 21205003818 Fixed Blade Knife Hunter + Sheath


Case 334 USMC Marine Corps Military Combat Fixed Blade Knife + Sheath